Teshima 8 Million Lab(2016)
Work by Sputniko! (MIT Media Lab, Design Fiction Group)
Permanent pavilion on Teshima in Benesse Art Site Naoshima
Commissioned by Fukutake Foundation as part of Setouchi Art Triennale 2016.
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Teshima 8 Million (…)

Red Silk of Fate – Tamaki’s Crush (2016)
Project by Design Fiction Group, MIT Media Lab / Commissioned by Fukutake Foundation
Exhibited permanently at Sputniko!’s Teshima 8 Million Lab in Benesse ArtSite Naoshima, from 2016 March 20. (…)


Sputniko! – The Moonwalk Machine – Selena’s Step/スプツニ子! 「ムーンウォーク☆マシン、セレナの一歩」

The Moonwalk Machine – Selena’s Step (2013)
Installation with video (color, sound), screens, and lambda print, 4:30 min, dimensions variable.
Device: Steel, Aluminium
Device Size: 115 x 75 x 70 cm
© Sputniko!
Courtesy the artist and Scai the Bathhouse, Tokyo. (…)


Sputniko! スプツニ子!- Crowbot Jenny / カラスボット☆ジェニー

Adachi Hiphop Project (2012)
Sputniko! and young rappers from Adachi collaborated together to organize a bus tour and live event featuring rappers from Tokyo’s Adachi area.
Adachi area has the highest poverty and crime rate in the 23 wards of Tokyo (as of 2012)
This community project is one of (…)