Penis Cybernétique (2009)

Device: acrylic, arduino board, leather belt, Polar heart rate monitor, motor
20 x 30 x 70 cm
© Sputniko!
Courtesy the artist and Scai the Bathhouse, Tokyo.

How will the amateur culture manifest in the design of bodies, will we begin to see prosthetics designed for extremely personal uses, for comfort, obsession or curiosity?

Penis Cybernétique is a process of myself, a 23 year old student, mixed Japanese/British, 173cm height, designing a prosthetic simply to fulfill my own curiosity: "What does it feel like to have an extra body part (in this case - penis) which reacts to my emotions?"

During the course of 2 weeks, a 'working' motorised penis which moves up or down based on my heart rate was built, worn and tested. Will this new body part make myself act differently? (i.e. is Mr. Freud right?) Will I get a phantom penis afterwards? Will other people try my designs? What does it mean for an amateur to 'open source her body?'

All resulting code and designs were made public and open.

Project Code

Project Images

Penis Cybernetique: Flickr Set


デバイス: アクリル, アルディーノ基盤, 皮ベルト, 心拍数計測器, モーター
20 x 30 x 70 cm
© Sputniko!
Courtesy the artist and Scai the Bathhouse, Tokyo.





Penis Cybernetique: Flickr Set

1. Waking Up in the Morning

2. Product Close-Up

Penis Cybernetique - Product Close-Up

3. Excited User after Product Instantiation

Penis Cybernetique - Excited User

4. Proudness.

Penis Cybernétique Mechanical Diagrams

The product was built with 2 mounted servo motors (Lynx B Pan & Tilt Kit) which triggered  based on the heart rate information collected through Polar Heart Rater Monitor Interface.
Penis Cybernetique - Mechanical Diagram
Penis Cybernetique - Mechanical Diagram

Penis Cybernetique - version 0.2

Together with product designer and engineer Naoki Kawamoto, Sputniko! is designing a version 2 of Penis Cybernetique which uses Silicon Elastomer, making it flexible and light-weight with a more organic appearance.  Below are some designs of the outer silicon shape in development. Penis Cybernetique Outer Silicon - Polygon Shaped