Installation with video (color, sound), screens, and printed panels, 3:50 min, dimensions variable.
Device: polystyrene, acrylic, speaker, and amplifier
23 5/8 x 11 13/16 x 3 7/8" (60 x 30 x 10 cm)
© Sputniko!

Crowbot Jenny, inspired by Donna Haraway’s philosophical memoir When Species Meet (2007), is a solitary girl who, despite her generation’s tendency toward communication overload, has trouble relating to her peers. In fact, Crowbot Jenny prefers to talk with animals and develops the Crowbot, an instrument that replicates a range of crow calls, to commune with her army of birds. Sputniko! talked with various crow specialists from University of Cambridge (UK), University of Utsunomiya (Japan) and University of Tokyo (Japan) who also provided her with sample crow calls - such as "Hello", "I'm in Danger", "I love you!" or "Where is my Child!?" - which she installed inside Crowbot.

The video on the right (2) is from the prototype testing at Finsbury Park, London. You can see that a real crow is actually responding to Crowbot's Hello calls.

Selected Exhibitions
2011 'Talk to Me' Museum of Modern Art, New York
2011 'The 14th Japan Media Arts Festival' The National Art Center, Tokyo
2010 'Tokyo Art Meeting Transformation', Contemporary Museum of Art, Tokyo

Selected Awards
2011 [Jury recommended works] The 14th Japan Media Arts Festival

Producer/Art Director/Concept : Sputniko!

Music Lyrics by Sputniko!
Music Composition by Sputniko! and Daichi Hayakawa

Music Arrangement by Shoichiro Hirata

Video Directed by Takumi Shiga

Video Production by P.I.C.S
Device Production by Masuki Jushi 

Device Electronics by Masahiro Tabuki, Masahiko Suda

Model Making by Louise Porter
Wing Graphic Design by Yusuke Murakami
Fashion Design by Aephie Huimi
Image Photography: Rai Royal
Image Photography Make Up: Hiroe Tomikawa