Installation with video (black and white, sound), screens, and printed panels, 2:56 min, dimensions variable.
Device: electronics, acrylic and aluminium
20 x 100 x 100 cm
© Sputniko!  

There seems to be many examples of beautiful and young looking girl-robots enthusiastically developed by the world’s top robotic scientists (see videos on the right) but what if the designed intelligent machines are not too happy with the way people designed them?

In the tradition of "Nyotai Mori", an age old Japanese practice of serving Sushi on naked women, Sushiborg Yukari is a cyborg designed in Future Tokyo to serve Sushi on her rotating belt, entertaining over-worked Japanese businessmen in their after-hours.

When Yukari’s programmed intelligence develops enough to understand her functionality as a sex object, she struggles to accept her role – slowly, Yukari attaches knives to her own body, modifying herself to become a lethal weapon, plotting to one day escape the Sushi restaurant she now feels captive with in...

The work in progress video on the right (2) shows how the knives flip out when the soy sauce container on the table (which acts as a lever) is pulled.

Selected Exhibitions
2010 “Tokyo Art Meeting Transformation” Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo.

Photography: Rai Royal
Fashion Design: Aephie Huimi
Set Design: Sam Frances
Make Up: Hiroe Tomikawa
Model Making: Ian Daniell, Simone Lang
Film Music: Brain Food, Watashi No Koko, Android Music
Restaurant Provided by: Dotori, London
Special Thanks: Takahiro Goto, Kevin Grennan, Gerrit Kaiser, JPaul Neele