Installation with video (black and white, sound), screens, and printed panels, 2:56 min, dimensions variable.
Device: electronics, acrylic and aluminium
20 x 100 x 100 cm
© Sputniko!  
In the tradition of "Nyotai Mori", an age old Japanese practice of serving Sushi on naked women, Sushiborg Yukari is a cyborg designed in Future Tokyo to serve Sushi on her rotating belt, entertaining over-worked Japanese businessmen in their after-hours.

When Yukari’s programmed intelligence develops enough to understand her functionality as a sex object, she struggles to accept her role – slowly, Yukari attaches knives to her own body, modifying herself to become a lethal weapon, plotting to one day escape the Sushi restaurant she now feels captive with in...
Selected Exhibitions
2010 “Tokyo Art Meeting Transformation” Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo.

Photography: Rai Royal
Fashion Design: Aephie Huimi
Set Design: Sam Frances
Make Up: Hiroe Tomikawa
Model Making: Ian Daniell, Simone Lang
Film Music: Brain Food, Watashi No Koko, Android Music
Restaurant Provided by: Dotori, London
Special Thanks: Takahiro Goto, Kevin Grennan, Gerrit Kaiser, JPaul Neele