Work by Sputniko! (MIT Media Lab, Design Fiction Group)
Permanent pavilion on Teshima in Benesse Art Site Naoshima
Commissioned by Fukutake Foundation as part of Setouchi Art Triennale 2016. View instagram to see people's photographs of the facility

Teshima 8 Million Lab is the first Shinto shrine worshipping a genetically engineered life - a silkworm created in Sputniko!'s new work Red Silk of Fate - Tamaki's Crush. In the Shinto religion, "Yaoyorozu" (which literally means "8 Million") is a word used to describe the myriad of gods believed to reside in almost anything - such as the wind, the ocean, trees and animals. Conceived by artist Sputniko!, Teshima 8 Million Lab sets out to create new members of Yaoyorozu, forming a mythology from emerging science and art. Far from the big city and located on a site blessed with an abundance of nature, the facility invites the exploration of alternative perspectives on our future of nature and beliefs, as science continues to move forward.

Architecture by: Naruse Inokuma Architects
Curation by: Yuko Hasegawa

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