Installation with video (color, sound), screens, and lambda print, 4:30 min, dimensions variable.
Device: Steel, Aluminium
Device Size: 115 x 75 x 70 cm
© Sputniko!
Courtesy the artist and Scai the Bathhouse, Tokyo.

Nearly half a century has passed since Apollo 11 made man's first lunar landing in history but no female steps have been made on the moon yet. "The Moonwalk Machine - Selena's Step" unravels a story about the protagonist Selena, a science geek girl, who invents a lunar rover rigged with high-heels with the hope to leave her marks on the surface of the moon. The installation includes an image of a super heroine "Lunar Girl" - which Selena dreams of becoming, as well as the actual lunar rover. The machine was created after visiting and talking with engineers and specialists at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, and is designed so that the high-heel marks are left firmly on the moon's surface. True to the word "sci-fi", the work embodies a mixture of science and fiction, but the inspiration actually came from an amateur scientist, a 13 year old girl, who succeeded in launching a Hello Kitty doll aboard a rubber balloon into the stratosphere. One may feel that the next 'giant leap for mankind' maybe made in the not so distant future, not for the purpose of winning the space race but for fulfilling a personal and romantic wish.


Artist: Sputinko!, Photography: Rai Royal, Lyrics: Sputniko!, Music Composition: Katsuhiko Sugiyama (USAGI), Music Arrangement: Ram Rider, Cast:Selena by Nina Endo, Lunar Girl by Sputniko!, Rover Design & Production:Naoki Kawamoto(N and R Foldings Japan)/Rover Mechanics:KIMURA, Machine Metals: Chuetsu Kogyo, Video Director:Kazuma Ikeda(P.I.C.S. management), Video Production P.I.C.S.Co.,Ltd. , Producer:Hironori Terai(P.I.C.S.), Takahiko Kajima(P.I.C.S.)/Production Manager:Nobu Enomoto, Kota Yamauchi(P.I.C.S.)/Camera: Tetsuya Kondoh/Camera Assistant: Ryuji Yamamoto/Light: Koshiro Ueno/Light Assistant:Takashi Kobayashi/Art Designer:Ryo Oosato/Art Production Manager:Katsuaki Gotoh(NVC)/Interior Stylist:Masaaki Oohira/Editor:Yusuke Tsutsumi(IMAGICA)/Sound Mixer:Naoko Minowa(IMAGICA)/Hair&Make-up:Koji Kasai(UpperCrust)/Stylist:(Sputniko!): TAKAO, Fashion Credits: Fashion Credits: Kurogouchi design office, ANREALAGE, AMBUSH®, ATELIER SWAROVSKI, Daisuke Yoshikawa

Supported by:
Agency for Cultural Affairs (Project to Support and Nurture of Media Arts Creators 2013)